The History of Scotland: From the Death of King James I, in the Year M. CCCC. XXXVI, to the Year M.D. LXI

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Bannatyne Club, 1830 - Всего страниц: 319

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Стр. 266 - ... regent proponit to the eftatis, defyring thame to grant ane crowne matrimoniall to the Dolphine of France, fua that he mycht be called and intitulat, King of Scotlande, duringe the matrimonie betuix thame ; quhilk was aggreit, and act of parliament maid thairupoun, and all lettres in Scotland ftyled " Frances and Marie, be the grace of God, King and Quene of Scotland, Dolphyne and Dolphines of Vien," and the feales and conye irnis changed in lyk maner.
Стр. 76 - King maid greit cost, bot all in vaine. This Abbott tuik in hand to flie with wingis, and to be in Fraunce befoir the saidis ambassadouris ; and to that effect he causet mak ane pair of wingis of fedderis, quhilkis beand...
Стр. 40 - And than ceiffit all religious and godlye myndis and deidis, quhairwith the fecularis and temporall men beand lklanderit with thair evill example, fell fra all devocioun and godlynes to the warkis of wikednes, quhairof daylie mekill evill did increafe. Becaus of the greyt fpulye of guidis quhilk wes takin at the breking of the faide barge in Ingland, and had bene oftymis required and no reftitucione maid, and als that notwithftanding the trewis the...
Стр. 80 - Drury wes cumin ambaflkdouria fra the King of Yngland, and wes honourablie reflavit In the moneth of Junij, Andro Bartone, being one the fey in weirfair contrar the Portingallis, aganis quhome he had ane lettre of mark, Sir Edmond Haward Lord Admirall of Ingland, and Lord Thomas Haward fone and air to the Erle of Surry...

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