The life and career of Major John André: adjutant-general of the British Army in America

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Ticknor and Fields, 1861 - Всего страниц: 473

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Стр. 16 - I shall be present or not, for to confess my weakness, Ned, my ambition is prevalent, so that I contemn the grovelling condition of a clerk or the like, to which my fortune condemns me, and would willingly risk my life, though not my character, to exalt my station. I am confident, Ned, that my youth excludes me from any hopes of immediate preferment, nor do I desire it; but I mean to prepare the way for futurity.
Стр. 368 - ... his feelings ; and he would be happy, if possible, to be indulged with a professional death. He made a second application by letter, in concise but persuasive terms. It was thought this indulgence, being incompatible with the customs of war, could not be granted ; and it was, therefore, determined...
Стр. 430 - Aotw y void, and nothing now between us but Gates. I sincerely hope this little success of ours may facilitate your operations. In answer to your letter of the 28th of September by CC I shall only say, I cannot presume to order, or even advise, for reasons obvious. I heartily wish you success. Faithfully yours.
Стр. 128 - The King of England, said he, orders his rebellious subjects to lay down their arms, and they are warned, that if they stand the battle, no quarters whatever will be given.
Стр. 390 - Sympathy towards a soldier will surely induce your Excellency, and a military tribunal, to adapt the mode of my death to the feelings of a man of honor.
Стр. 84 - I have been taken prisoner by the Americans, and stripped of every thing except the picture of Honora, which I concealed in my mouth. Preserving that, I yet think myself fortunate.
Стр. 274 - Falkland ; a person of such prodigious parts of learning and knowledge, of that inimitable sweetness and delight in conversation, of so flowing and obliging a humanity and goodness to mankind, and of that primitive simplicity and integrity of life, that if there were no other brand upon this odious and accursed civil war, than that single loss, it must be most infamous and execrable to all posterity.
Стр. 325 - Thus, as I have had the honor to relate, was I betrayed (being adjutant-general of the British army) into the vile condition of an enemy in disguise within your posts. Having avowed myself a British officer, I have nothing to reveal but what relates to myself, which is true on the honor of an officer and a gentleman. The request I have...
Стр. 248 - This solemn prophecy, of course, Gave all much consolation, Except to Wayne, who lost his horse Upon the great occasion. His horse that carried all his prog, His military speeches, His corn-stalk whisky for his grog, Blue stockings, and brown breeches.
Стр. 344 - Excellency ; thinking it much properer he should return by land, I directed him to make use of the feigned name of John Anderson, under which he had, by my direction, come on shore, and gave him my passports to go to the White Plains on his way to New York. This officer...

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