Imagined, Negotiated, Remembered: Constructing European Borders and Borderlands

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Kimmo Katajala, Maria Lähteenmäki
LIT Verlag Münster, 2012 - Всего страниц: 232
This collection of writings explores European borders from the 15th century to the present. The territorial scope ranges from the Arctic Ocean and Scandinavia to Central Europe. In these papers, borders are understood not only as separating lines in the terrain, but also as socially constructed divisions in people's choices, speeches, actions, and memories. Borders are not only drawn: they are imagined, negotiated, and remembered. (Series: Studies on Middle and Eastern Europe / Mittel- und Ostmitteleuropastudien - Vol. 11)

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Kimmo Katajala and Maria Lähteenmäki
Jens Lerbom
Jukka Kokkonen
Jens Petter Nielsen and Konstantin Zaikov
Kimmo Katajala
Maria Lähteenmäki
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