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1-Railroad Fares and Freights. Report of the Senate Committee on Corporations on Senate

Bills Nos. 332, 319, and $34, and Assembly Bill No. 182.

2- Report of the Committees on Public Buildings and Grounds of the Senate and Assembly.

3—Report on the State Prison, by the Joint Committee of the Senate and Assembly.

4-Supplemental report on the State Prison, by the Joint Senate and Assembly State Prison

and Prison Building Coinmittee.

5=Report on the Branch State Prison at Folsom, made by the Assembly Committee on Public

Buildings and Grounds.

6-Report of the Senate Committee on Elections in thercase of Ward y Moratgomery.

7–Message of Governor Wm. Irwin, returning to the Senate, without his approval, Senate

Bill No. 250.

8_Message of Governor Wm. Irwin, returning to the Senate, without his approval, Senate

Bill No. 248.

9_Report of the Special Committee of the Senate on Retrenchment.

10—Reports of the Joint Committees of the Assembly on Mines and Mining Interests, and

Agriculture, relative to the injury now being done to lands and streams in this State

by the deposit of detritus from the gravel mines.

11--Biennial report of the Board of Directors of the Napa State Asylum for the Insane, for the

years 1874 and 1875.

12_Minority report of the Assembly Judiciary, Committee on Assembly Bill No. 236,


to calling a Constitutional Convention.

13—Majority report of the Assembly Judiciary Committee on Assembly Bill No. 236, relative

to calling a Constitutional Convention.

14-Majority and minority reports of the Judiciary Committee of the Senate on Senate Bill

No. 2, relative to calling a Constitutional Convention.

15--Report of the investigation into the affairs of the State Agricultural Society by the Assembly

Committee on Agriculture.

16–Comparative Statement of the Contingent Expenses of the Legislature for the nineteenth,

twentieth, and twenty-first sessions, from the opening of the same to and including

January eighth, of each session. Report of the Assembly Committee on Public Expend-

itures and Accounts.

17--Reports of the Spécial Committee on the Contingent Expenses of the Assembly.

18.-Petition of the San Francisco Lying-in Hospital and Foundling Asylum to the Legislature

of the State of Califórnia

19--Report of the Senate Special Committee appointed to investigate the matter of the sale of

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21-Report of the Assembly Committee to which was referred the memorial of the California

Woman Suffrage Association. 22—Majority and minority 'reports of the Senate Committee on Education relative to Assembly

Bill No. 374. 23-Minority report of the Joint Committee of the Senate and Assembly on the question of

appropriating money in aid of the Centennial Exposition. 24Report of the Senate Committee on Fisheries relative to Senate Bills Nos. 39, 182, 307,

and 308. 25- Communications relative to Sonate BiH No 279, tronk the Mayor and City Attorney of Ban

Francisco, and the Attorney of the Board of State Harbor Commissioners. 26 Report of the Senate Committee on Agriculture on Senate Bill No. 508, relative to the

destruction of the phylloxera. 27-Memorial of A. L. Bancroft & Co. to Senate and Assembly, relative to their contract with

the State Board of Education for supplying text-books to the public schools. 28 Minority

förity report of the Joint Committee of the Senate an Assembly on the translatìon of

the laws into the Sparissh fänguage. 29* Minority report of the San Francisco delegation on Senate Bill No. 115.

30--Report of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Senate Bills"Nós. 3, 4, and 10. J '31~Report of tħe Senate Special Committee to whom was referred certain questions relative to

the Regents of the State University. 32- Report of the Special Committee of the Assembly appointed to inquire into the matter of

water rates in Eastern cities, as compared with prices in San Francisco. 33_Minority report of the Assembly Committee on Corporations on Assembly Bill No. 182, con

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cerning railroad fares and freights. 34-Biennial report of the State Board of Equalization for the years 1874-5. $s Report of the Attorney General for the years 1874-5:G-- Biennial report of the Commissioners to manage the Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Big

Tree Grove for the years 1874-5.


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Mr. PRESIDENT: Your Committee on Corporations, to whom were referred Senate Bill No. 332, Assembly Bill No. 182, Senate Bill No. 319, and Senate Bill No. 134, have had the same under consideration, and now return said bills to the Senate with the following report and recommendations. Senator Lindsey, the author of Senate Bill No. 332, stated to the committee that the grounds covered by his measure were practically the same as those embodied in the Assembly bill, and requested the committee, in their deliberations, to allow the Assembly bill to take the place of the one introduced by him. For convenience throughout this report the Assembly bill will be designated as the "Archer bill," and Senate Bill No. 134 as the “O'Connor bill"

Your committee has given to the subject matter involved in these measures such consideration as its importance demands, and the other senatorial duties required of us would permit. We are sensible of the great interests involved, and the agitation that the public mind has undergone in respect to railroad management, and the relations of the companies to the public interests. We have endeavored to give due consideration to the daily business intercourse existing between transportation companies and the community. We have realized the necessity for the enactment of a law more restrictive in its character, calculated to foster the leading industries of the State, to cripple' none of them, and which, at the same time, would not impair the usefulness and efficiency of the transportation companies. We have recognized the strong desire of communities, not possessed of railroad conveniences, for the rapid construction of trunk and branch lines, and of the same desire on the part of the leading commercial centers to establish communication with the remote and more inaccessible districts of the coast. We have not been in doubt in respect to the right to readjust maximum rates, but the extent to which it could be wisely and judiciously exercised, and the mode ånd manner in which control should be enforced, we find full of embarrassment. The necessity for doing something effective, and that would realize the best public expectation, has been constantly confronted by the apprehension that in the lack of technical knowledge of the subject, positive injuries to the prosperity of the State might result from any law we might pass.

In view of the experience of other American States, in their efforts

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