The Lycians: The Lycians in literary and epigraphic sources

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Museum Tusculanum Press, 1986 - Всего страниц: 273
This book is the first of a projected 2-volume account of the ancient Lycians. The Lycian civilisation has proved, and is continuing to prove, a rich field of investigation for historians, archaeologists, numismatists, and philologists alike. It is a civilisation with many distinctive features, as illustrated by its abundant archaeological remains, particularly the impressive funerary architecture of many of its cities, by its social customs and institutions, attested in both literary and epigraphic sources, by its numerous coin issues, amongst the most varied ever prodcusted in Asia Minor, and by its peculiar language, which today is only partially understood.

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The Anatolian Predecessors of the Lycians
The Barly Lycians and Greek Literary Tradition
The Inscriptions and the Lycian Language 42
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