The Odes, Epodes, and Satires of Horace

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Wm. Blackwood, 1870 - Всего страниц: 387

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Стр. 5 - Blessings be with them — and eternal praise. Who gave us nobler loves and nobler cares — The poets, who on earth have made us heirs Of truth and pure delight by heavenly lays ! Oh-!
Стр. 75 - Ad summam: sapiens uno minor est Jove, dives, Liber, honoratus, pulcher, rex denique regum; Praecipue sanus, nisi cum pituita molesta est.
Стр. 198 - Horrid with frost, and turbulent with storm, Blows autumn and his golden fruits away, Then melts into the spring; soft spring, with breath Favonian from warm chambers of the south, Recalls the first.
Стр. 99 - Others more mild, Retreated in a silent valley, sing With notes angelical to many a harp Their own heroic deeds and hapless fall By doom of battle ; and complain that fate Free virtue should enthral to force or chance.
Стр. 28 - There's a bliss beyond all that the minstrel has told, When two, that are linked in one heavenly tie, With heart never changing, and brow never cold, Love on through all ills, and love on till they die...
Стр. 41 - Tis chastity, my brother, chastity : She that has that is clad in complete steel, And, like a quivered nymph with arrows keen, May trace huge forests, and unharboured heaths, Infamous hills, and sandy perilous wilds ; Where, through the sacred rays of chastity, No savage fierce, bandit, or mountaineer, Will dare to soil her virgin purity.
Стр. 177 - Ah, fill the Cup: - what boots it to repeat How Time is slipping underneath our Feet: Unborn TO-MORROW, and dead YESTERDAY, Why fret about them if TO-DAY be sweet!
Стр. 179 - I've reared a monument, my own, More durable than brass ; Yea, kingly pyramids of stone In height it doth surpass. " Rain shall not sap, nor driving blast Disturb its settled base, Nor countless ages rolling past Its symmetry deface.
Стр. 22 - WHEN all looks fair about, and thou seest not a cloud so big as a Hand to threaten thee, forget not the Wheel of things: Think of sullen vicissitudes, but beat not thy brains to fore-know them.
Стр. 285 - Robbed me of utterance) I did not profess That I was sprung of lineage old and great, Or used to canter round my own estate On Satureian barb, but what and who I was as plainly told. As usual, you Brief answer make me. I retire, and then, Some nine months after, summoning me again, You bid me 'mongst your friends assume a place : And proud I feel that thus I won your grace, Not by an ancestry long known to fame, But by my life, and heart devoid of blame.

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