Upon Further Review: Sports in American Literature

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Michael Cocchiarale, Scott Emmert
Greenwood Publishing Group, 2004 - Всего страниц: 219

Over the course of the last century, American fiction writers and poets have used sports figures and sporting events in order to make significant points on themes of identity as they are connected to gender, race, class, and nationality. The contributors to this volume examine American literature that uses sports as a trope to explore or disturb core values of this country. They explore individual works in order to uncover the rich connections between those works' use of sports and issues of importance to American culture from approximately 1920 to the end of the twentieth century.

Focusing on four general themes, this volume offers a range of commentary on a variety of American literature. The first section features essays that explain how sports are used by writers to explore or critique American values. The next two sections contain essays that investigate the ways in which writers have used sports to express ideas about race, class, and gender. The final section turns to questions of aesthetics, featuring essays that concentrate on form, technique, and language itself. Together, contributors cover a number of literary works that feature a wide variety of sports, from the expected (baseball) to the more surprising (body building and wilderness adventuring).


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Baseball as Trope in MidCentury
The World War HEra
The Mexican League and American Conflict
Reading Sport and
Sports and Unresolved Cultural Conflict
Basketballs Demands in Paul Beattys The White Boy Shuffle
Golf and Social Status
Dualism and the Quest for Wholeness in Ama Bontempss
Hypermasculinity and Sport in James Dickeys Deliverance
Engendering Competition
What a Beautiful Play
Baseball and the Prophet
Vanity ofDuluoz
Cognitive Linguistics
Selected Bibliography
About the Editors and Contributors

Gender and Sports in American Literature
Monsters and Face Queens in Harry Crewss Body

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MICHAEL COCCHIARALE is Assistant Professor of English at Widener University, where he teaches American Literature, creative writing, and composition courses.

SCOTT D. EMMERT is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin--Fox Valley. He has published numerous articles in various scholarly journals.

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