The Jesuits, the Padroado and East Asian Science (1552-1773)

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Lu¡s Saraiva, Catherine Jami
World Scientific, 2008 - Всего страниц: 229
At the end of the 15th century, Portugal was given the oversight (Padroado) of all Catholic missions in Asia. The Society of Jesus played a major role in this enterprise of evangelization, which in Jesuit hands led to the transmission of major elements of European mathematical sciences to East Asia. The essays in this volume present important new data and analysis on the extent to and ways in which Jesuit scientific culture and Portuguese policies regarding education, trade and mission shaped the reception of ?Western learning? in China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam in the early modern period.

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The Jesuit mathematicians of the Portuguese Assistancy and the Portuguese historians of mathematics 18191940 Luís Manuel Ribeiro SARAIVA
The Jesuit College in Macao as a meeting point of the European Chinese and Japanese mathematical traditions Some remarks on the present state of r...
The transmission of Western cosmology to 16th century Japan HIRAOKA Ryuji
The contents and context of Manuel Dias Tianwenlüe Henrique LEITÃO
The textual tradition of Manuel Dias Tianwenlue Rui MAGONE
Fang Yizhi and Jie Xuans responses to Aristotelian natural philosophy LIM Jongtae
Traditional Vietnamese astronomy in accounts of Jesuit missionaries Alexei VOLKOV
Portuguese interests and the transmission of science Catherine JAMI
The Yuzhi lixiang kaocheng houbian in Korea SHI Yunli
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