The King of the Golden River; Or, The Black Brothers: A Legend of Stiria

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Lee and Shepard, 1873 - Всего страниц: 68

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Стр. 61 - The little king looked very kind," thought he. "I don't think he will turn me into a black stone." So he went to the priest, and the priest gave him some holy water as soon as he asked for it. Then Gluck took some bread in his basket, and the bottle of water, and set off very early for the mountains.
Стр. 65 - I am sure, sir— your Majesty, I mean— they got the water out of the church font." "Very probably,
Стр. 16 - ... their corn by them till it was very dear, and then sell it for twice its value; they had heaps of gold lying about on their floors, yet it was never known that they had given so much as a penny or a crust in charity ; they never went to mass ; grumbled perpetually at paying tithes; and were, in a word, of so cruel and grinding a temper, as to receive from all those with whom they had any dealings, the nick-name of the
Стр. 25 - The rolling-pin was descending on Gluck's head; but, at the instant, the old gentleman interposed his conical cap, on which it crashed with a shock that shook the water out of it all over the room. What was very odd, the rolling-pin no sooner touched the cap, than it flew out of Schwartz's hand, spinning like a straw in a high wind, and fell into the corner at the further end of the room. "Who are you, sir?" demanded Schwartz, turning upon him. "What's your business?" snarled Hans. "I'ma poor old...
Стр. 56 - ... he should have all the gold to himself. But Gluck was very sorry, and cried all night. When he got up in the morning, there was no bread in the house, nor any money ; so Gluck went, and hired himself to another goldsmith, and he worked so hard, and so neatly, and so long every day, that he soon got money enough together, to pay his brother's fine, and he went, and gave it all to Schwartz, and Schwartz got out of prison. - Then Schwartz was quite pleased, and said he should have some of the gold...
Стр. 21 - Gluck had had his head, by this time, so long out of the window, that he began to feel it was really unpleasantly cold, and when he turned, and saw the beautiful fire rustling and roaring, and throwing long bright tongues up the chimney, as if it were licking its chops at the savory smell of the leg of mutton, his heart melted within him that it should be burning away for nothing. "He does look very wet," said little Gluck; "I'll just let him in for a quarter of an hour.
Стр. 58 - And as he went he thought the sunbeams grew more dim, and he saw a low bank of black cloud rising out of the west, and when he had climbed for another hour, the thirst overcame him again and he would have drunk. Then he saw the old man lying before him on the path and heard him cry out for...
Стр. 34 - Gluck, and which he was very fond of, and w'ould not have parted with for the world ; though he never drank anything out of it but milk and water. The mug was a very odd mug to look at. The handle was formed of two wreaths of flowing golden hair...
Стр. 51 - Three drops are enough," at — \ last thought he ; "I may, at least, cool my lips with it." He opened the flask, and was raising it to his lips, when his eye fell on an object lying on the rock beside him ; he thought it moved. It was a small dog, apparently in the last agony of death from thirst. Its tongue was...
Стр. 47 - Schwartz gnashed his teeth with rage, and shook the bars with all his strength; but Hans only laughed at him, and advising him to make himself comfortable till he came back again, shouldered his basket, shook the bottle of holy water in Schwartz's face till it frothed again, and marched off in the highest spirits in the world. It was, indeed, a morning that might have made anyone happy, even with no Golden River to seek for.

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