Sketch of Lectures on Meadow and Pasture Grasses: Delivered in the Dublin Society's Botanical Garden

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Dublin Society, 1808 - Всего страниц: 55

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Стр. 51 - May Durva, which rose from the water of life, which has a hundred roots and a hundred stems, efface a hundred of my sins, and prolong my existence on earth a hundred years...
Стр. 51 - Rheede has exhibited in a coarse delineation of its leaves only — its flowers, in their perfect state, are among the loveliest objects in the vegetable world ; and appear, through a lens, like minute rubies and emeralds in constant motion from the least breath of air. It is the sweetest and most nutritious pasture for cattle ; and its usefulness added to its beauty induced the Hindus, in their earliest ages, to believe that it was the mansion of a benevolent nymph.
Стр. 1 - Plantarum." (Ibid. p. 315 — 320.) Explanation of the above subject. (Vol. 28. p. 313 — 315.) '* A series of experiments and observations to show the utility of botanical knowledge in relation to agriculture and the feeding of cattle.
Стр. 20 - Do the stems and flowering parts of grafs, or the leaves, taken weight for weight, contain the greater proportion of nutriment ? It does not appear that this has been determined by...
Стр. 18 - ... from the natural meadows, which are filled with red and white clover, trefoil, ray-grafs, white hay-feed, foxtail, meadow fefcue, ribwort, &c. &c. In the bottom meadows, particularly thofe fubjeft to flood, Timthy-grafs is the principal herbage.

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