Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos, Or Quadripartite: Being Four Books of the Influence of the Stars

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Davis and Dickson, 1822 - Всего страниц: 240

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Стр. xv - Tokens, predictions, prognostics, possess a psychological reality. " All events are but the consummation of preceding causes, clearly " felt, but not distinctly apprehended. When the strain is sounded, "the most untutored listener can tell that it will end with the
Стр. 114 - nature, the Sun and Saturn are allotted to the person of the father; and the Moon and Venus to that of the mother: and the mode in which these luminaries and planets may be found posited, with reference to each other, as well as to other planets and stars, will intimate the situation of affairs affecting the parents.
Стр. 184 - Whenever both nativities, viz. that of the husband and that of the wife, may exhibit the luminaries configurated together in concord, that is to say, either in trine or in sextile to each other, the cohabitation will most usually be lasting; especially if the said concord exist by
Стр. 3 - the sphere of fire, GOD, the creator of the world, placed the sphere " of the Moon, then that of Mercury, then that of 'Venus, then that " of the Sun, and afterwards those of Mars, of Jupiter, and of
Стр. 183 - married late in life, or to men who have passed their prime, and are advanced in years. And should the Sun be in a sign of single form, or configurated with only one oriental planet, he will cause them to enter into matrimony only once; but, if
Стр. 181 - From the foregoing rules, the various forms of employment are to be inferred ; and its magnitude or importance will be manifested by the existing power of the ruling planets. For instance, if the said planets be oriental, or in angles, they will give the person eminence and authority in his employment
Стр. 181 - they will render him subordinate. And should the benefics be in elevation, the employment will be important, lucrative, secure, honourable, and agreeable; but, on the other hand, if the malefics be in elevation above the lords of the employment, it will then be mean, disreputable, unprofitable, and insecure: thus, Saturn brings
Стр. 104 - for the motions of the planets, and of the Sun and Moon, present the operative causation of events which happen to any individual, as well as of those which happen generally; and the foreknowledge of both may be obtained by the same accurate observation of the distinct natures of the several
Стр. ix - viz.' In the sphere of Persia, saith Aben " ' Ezra, there ariseth upon the face of the sign Virgo a beautiful " ' maiden, she holding two ears of corn in her hand, and a child in " ' her arm : she feedeth him, and giveth him suck,
Стр. 225 - A skilful person, acquainted with the nature of the stars, is enabled to avert many of their effects, and to prepare himself for those effects before they arrive.

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