Sallust, Florus, and Velleius Paterculus

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G. Bell, 1884 - Всего страниц: 560

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Стр. 569 - This Is one of those works which demand from critics and from the public, before attempting to estimate Its merits in detail, an unqualified tribute of admiration. The first glance tells us that the book Is one on which the leisure of a busy lifetime and the whole resources of an enthusiastic author have been lavished without stint.
Стр. 565 - THE fifty-two volumes which have hitherto formed the well-known Aldine Series, embody the works of nearly all the more popular English poetical writers, whether lyric, epic, or satiric, up to the end of the eighteenth century. But since that time the wonderful fertility of English literature has produced many writers equal, and in some cases far superior, to the majority of their predecessors ; and the widely augmented roll of acknowledged English poets now contains many names not represented in...
Стр. 562 - The American revised Webster's Dictionary of 1864, published in America and England, is of an altogether higher order than these last [The London Imperial and Student's], It bears on its title-page the names of Drs. Goodrich and Porter, but inasmuch as its especial improvement is in the etymological department, the care of which was committed to Dr.
Стр. 561 - Including a Complete List of Words that are spelt in two or more ways. . , An Explanatory and Pronouncing Vocabulary of the Names of Noted Fictitious Persons and Places, Ac.
Стр. 562 - The acceptance of an American Dictionary in England has itself had immense effect in keeping up the community of speech, to break which would be a grievous harm, not to English-speaking nations alone, but to mankind. The result of this has been that the common Dictionary must suit both sides of the Atlantic.
Стр. 561 - A brief List, of Geographical Names (not explained by the foregoing List), with their derivation and signification, all doubtful and obscure derivations being excluded. Pronouncing Vocabularies of modern Geographical and Biographical Names.
Стр. 571 - Each volume is elegantly printed in royal 8vo., and illustrated with a very large number of well-executed engravings, printed in colours They form a complete library of reference on the several subjects to which they are devoted, and nothing more complete in their way has lately appeared.
Стр. 571 - LOWE'S BEAUTIFUL-LEAVED PLANTS : being a description of the most beautiful-leaved Plants in cultivation in this country. With 60 coloured Illustrations. One vol.

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