Kingdom Warfare and Prophetic Deliverance

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AuthorHouse, 2004 - Всего страниц: 160
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While fishing with her family off the coast off Guatemala on a summer vacation, Tica Tyler, her mom Tina, dad Duncan, little brother Ty, and grammie Tiffany become lost right at dusk. Just as they are about to panic, they spot a small island. Since they all like it a lot, they decide to stay, go back to the mainland, and find the owner, who was delighted to sell it to them. Thus begins a saga of mystery involving Angels, Water Princesses, and strange dreams, which have a disturbing way of coming true.

Seven year old brother Ty is driving Tica crazy with his search for the giant hermit crab. She has no time for such nonsense, being busy digging on a footing for the castle they've decided to build; she finds something that doesn't belong there. Ty, smart kid that he is, knows the source and what to do about it. But he's also concerned about giant spiders and think they need to get off the island. But how can they leave when his dad has promised to follow the source and he hasn't yet found his giant hermit crab?

Then a huge crisis arises, upsetting the whole family . . .

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