Annual Report, Объемы 41-42

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Стр. 24 - Allow me to thank you for the kind way in which you have listened to the remarks I have made, and to assure you how deeply I am with you on this occasion, both heart and soul.
Стр. 6 - Charles Fox, Esq., offers to the Society, as long as he continues a member of it, the sum of Four Pounds annually; to be distributed in the respective sums of...
Стр. 213 - Every person who shall wilfully admix, and every person who shall order any other person or persons to admix, with any article of food or drink, any injurious or poisonous ingredient or material to adulterate the same for sale...
Стр. 20 - Under what is technically called the long-wall system of working the coal, a difference of about 7° appears to exist between the temperature of the air and that of the strata at the working faces, and this difference increases 4 per cent.
Стр. 3 - ... in productiveness, slides, heaves, &c. This Society being especially desirous of cultivating close habits of observation in our miners, will give prizes for accurately drawn cross sections : for collections of ore and country in which the relations of one to the other are carefully marked ; for drawings and descriptions of any remarkable phenomena observed in lodes, ko.
Стр. 58 - ... and there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants ; and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so were we in their sight.
Стр. 213 - An act to amend the law for the Prevention of Adulteration of Food and Drink, and of Drugs.
Стр. 182 - Photographic copies in bichromated gelatine, from delicate line engravings, have been thus faithfully reproduced on glass. In photographic pictures in gelatine, taken from nature, the lights and shadows produce films of gelatine of different degrees of thickness. A carefully regulated sand-blast will act upon the glass beneath these films more or less powerfully in proportion to the thickness of the films, and the half-tones or gradations of light and shade are thus produced on the glass. If we apply...
Стр. 2 - The cairiage of all articles sent to the Exhibition must be prepaid, unless permission to the contrary has been previously obtained from the Secretary. Pictures and other works of art may, however, be sent free under certain regulations to be learnt of the Secretary.
Стр. 2 - Improvements, which must be accompanied by accurate models or drawings and explicit descriptions. The drawings to be sufficiently large to be distinctly seen. All descriptions or communications should be written on foolscap paper, on one side only, leaving l£ inch margin.

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