Virtual Monopoly: Building an Intellectual Property Strategy for Creative Advantage

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Quercus, 1 мар. 2007 г. - Всего страниц: 198
Rights of all kinds are in the news daily, from illegal downloading to "brand bullying" to the patenting of the human genome. However, the media reports provide only a snapshot of a much bigger picture. Virtual Monopoly offers new insights into the major shifts taking place behind the headlines - developments that allow companies of any size to leverage their creative advantage. Virtual Monopoly offers a radical vision of the new economics at play in today’s world, in which creative vision is the starting point and intellectual property the enabling currency. Breakthrough creativity is becoming the last great un-tapped source of sustainable advantage; barriers are needed to protect that creative advantage from competitors and do business. Christopher Pike demonstrates how to establish exclusive business spaces by utilizing intellectual property rights. Copyrights, virtual rights, patents, trademarks, and more are made clear in Virtual Monopoly.

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