The Politics of Strategic Aircraft Modernization

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Greenwood Publishing Group, 1995 - Всего страниц: 234

This study examines three major bomber aircraft acquisition programs: the B-36, the B-52, and the B-2. The central question for each of these programs is whether they were chosen to fit national strategic objectives or to meet the more narrow political and economic needs of the so-called military-industrial complex. The book concludes that U.S. Air Force senior leadership acquired better bombers than did civilian defense leaders. The extensive use of original documents in this book reveals that Air Force generals were less concerned about defending their own interests than previous research has implied.


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Explaining Military Weapons Modernization
The B36
The B52
Chapters The B2

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Стр. ix - I think it is well also for the man in the street to realize that there is no power on earth that can protect him from being bombed. Whatever people may tell him, the bomber will always get through....

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DAVID S. SORENSON is Professor of National Security Studies at the Air War College. He has published research on American civil-military relations, defense economics, defense technology, ballistic missile defense, and U.S. Middle East policy.

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