The Golden Legend

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Ticknor, Reed, and Fields, 1851 - Всего страниц: 301

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Стр. 239 - And even as children, who have much offended A too indulgent father, in great shame, Penitent, and yet not daring unattended To go into his presence, at the gate Speak with their sister, and confiding wait Till she goes in before and intercedes; So men, repenting of their evil deeds, And yet not venturing rashly to draw near With their requests an angry father's ear, Offer to her their prayers and their confession, And she for them in heaven makes intercession. And if our faith had given us nothing...
Стр. 239 - THE INN AT GENOA. A terrace overlooking the sea. Night. PRINCE HENRY. IT is the sea, it is the sea, In all its vague immensity, Fading and darkening in the distance ! Silent, majestical, and slow, The white ships haunt it to and fro, With all their ghostly sails unfurled, As phantoms from...
Стр. 11 - Not to be cured, yet not incurable ! The only remedy that remains Is the blood that flows from a maiden's veins, \ Who of her own free will shall die, And give her life as the price of yours...
Стр. 36 - Rose an odor sweet and fragrant Of the wild-flowers and the vagrant Vines that wandered, Seeking the sunshine, round and round. These he heeded not, but pondered On the volume in his hand, A volume of Saint Augustine, Wherein he read of the unseen Splendors of God's great town In the unknown land, And, with his eyes cast down In humility, he said : " I believe, O God. What herein I have read, But alas ! I do not understand...
Стр. 281 - With sullen heat, As a storm-cloud lurid with lightning. And a cry of lamentation, Repeated and again repeated, Deep and loud As the reverberation Of cloud answering unto cloud, Swells and rolls away in the distance, As if the sheeted Lightning retreated, Baffled and thwarted by the wind's resistance. It is Lucifer, The son of mystery ; And since God suffers him to be, He, too, is God's minister, And labors for some good By us not understood ! SECOND INTERLUDE MARTIN LUTHER A chamber in the Wartburg.
Стр. 38 - Fall on the golden flagging of the street. And he would fain Have caught the wondrous bird, But strove in vain ; For it flew away, away, Far over hill and dell, And instead of its sweet singing He heard the convent bell Suddenly in the silence ringing For the service of noonday. And he retraced His pathway homeward sadly and in haste.

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