Debating Perseverance: The Augustinian Heritage in Post-Reformation England

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Oxford University Press, 2018 - Всего страниц: 229
Scholars disputing the identity of the Church of England during the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries describe it as either forming a Calvinist consensus or partaking of an Anglican middle way steeped in an ancient catholicity. Debating Perseverance argues that these conversationshave given insufficient attention to the doctrine of the perseverance of the saints (the belief that a person who is saved can never be lost), which became one of the most distinctive doctrines of the Reformed tradition. In this book, Jay Collier sheds light on the influence of the early church andthe Reformed churches on the fledgling Church of England by surveying several debates on perseverance in which readings of Augustine were involved.Collier begins with a reassessment of the Lambeth Articles (1595) and the heated Cambridge debates in which they were forged, demonstrating how readings of Augustine on perseverance influenced the final outcome of that document. He then investigates the failed attempt of the British delegation tothe Synod of Dort to achieve solidarity with the international Reformed community on perseverance in a way that was also respectful of different readings of Augustine and the early church. The study returns to English soil to evaluate the Synod of Dort's effect on the supposedly Arminian RichardMontagu and his strategy to distance the Church of England from the consensus of the Reformed churches. It finishes by surveying a Puritan debate that occurred following England's civil war in which Augustine's teachings on perseverance continued to influence the way the English made policy anddrafted confessional statements.In surveying these debates, Collier uncovers competing readings and receptions of Augustine on perseverance within the English church-one favoring the perseverance of the saints and the other denying it. Debating Perseverance recognizes England's struggles with perseverance as emblematic of itstroubled pursuit of a Reformed and ancient catholicity.

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Reassessing the Lambeth Articles
The Conciliatory British Delegation
The Case of the Arminian Richard Montagu
Baptisms Effect on Infants
Puritans and Confessionalism
7 Perseverance Augustine and Englands Struggling Identity
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Jay T. Collier is the director of publishing for Reformation Heritage Books, and a research fellow and colloquium director for the Junius Institute for Digital Reformation Research. His research interests include Reformation and post-Reformation studies, colonial North America, and the history of agrarianism.

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