Memorials of Cambridge: St. Peter's College

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W. Metcalfe, 1861
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Стр. 324 - Whereas my birth and spirit rather took The way that takes the town, Thou didst betray me to a ling'ring book And wrap me in a gown.
Стр. 336 - Paul's Epistles, preserved in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge. To which is added a Full Collation of Fifty Manuscripts containing various portions of the Greek New Testament deposited in English Libraries : with a full Critical Introduction. By FH Scrivener, MA Royal 8vo.
Стр. 185 - I do hereby declare, that could I be sure of a constant succession of heirs from my said nephew, qualified like himself for the use of such a library, I should not entertain a thought of its ever being alienated from them...
Стр. 331 - Barrow assured them that if they made a sorry building, they might fail of contributions; but if they made it very magnificent and stately, and, at least, exceeding that at Oxford, all gentlemen, of their interest, would generously contribute; it being what they desired, and little less than required of them; and money would not be wanted as the building went up, and occasion called for it. But sage caution prevailed, and the matter, at that time, was wholly laid aside. Dr Barrow was piqued at this...
Стр. 235 - to the glory and honour of Almighty God and the Holy and Undivided Trinity; for the amplification and establishment of the Christian faith ; the extirpation of heresy and false opinion ; the increase and continuance of Divine Learning and all kinds of good letters; the knowledge of the tongues ; the education of youth in piety, virtue, learning, and science ; the relief of the poor...
Стр. 331 - ... and close it with a stately library, which should be more magnificent and costly than what he had proposed to them, and doubted not but upon the interest of his college in a short time to bring it to perfection. And he was as good as his word, for that very afternoon he with his gardeners and servants staked out the very foundation upon which the building now stands...
Стр. 186 - ... 11. That before my said library be put into the possession of either of the said colleges, that college, for which it shall be designed, first enter into covenants, for performance of the foregoing articles. " 12. And that, for a yet further security herein, the said two colleges of Trinity and...
Стр. 185 - And since it has pleased God to visit me in a manner that leaves little appearance of being myself restored to a condition of concerting the necessary measures for attaining these ends, I must and do with great confidence rely upon the sincerity and direction of my executor and said nephew for putting in execution the powers given them, by my forementioned will relating hereto, requiring that the same be brought to a determination in twelve months...
Стр. 354 - far be it from me to countenance anything contrary to your established laws ; but I have set an acorn which, when it becomes an oak, God knows what will be the fruit thereof.
Стр. 331 - The tradition of this undertaking runs thus. They say that Dr. Barrow pressed the heads of the university to build a theatre; it being a profanation and scandal that the speeches should be had in the university church, and that also be deformed with scaffolds and defiled with rude crowds and outcries. This matter was formally considered at a council of the heads ; and arguments of d1fficulty and want of supplies went strong against it.

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