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throne and equipage of God's Almightiness, and what he suffers to be wrought with high providence in his church; to paint out and describe whatever in religion is holy and sublime, and, in virtue, amiable or grave;" this, in the words of Milton, is the gift and the office of poetry.

That amid the changes and chances of this mortal life, the pious affections of his readers may be kindled, and their minds raised to lofty and glowing conceptions of the glorious attributes of the Almighty, or soothed into

“The daylight dreams of pensive piety,"

by the little Work now presented to their notice, even as the harp of David calmed the troubled spirit of Saul; and that their hearts may be warmed with praise and thanksgiving for the great and manifold mercies of God, is the earnest prayer of the Compiler.

Dublin, January, 1831.

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The Sister's Voice,



Lines left at a Reverend Friend's House, 238

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