Kings, Rulers, and Statesmen

Передняя обложка
Leonard F. Wise, Mark Hillary Hansen, E. W. Egan
Sterling Publishing Company, Inc., 2005 - Всего страниц: 318
Keep up with the ever-changing parade of world governments and regimes--who's in and who's out--with this updated edition of the popular classic. Comprehensive, fun, and easy-to-use, it lists all the bigwigs who rule--or used to rule-- every city/state, duchy, nation, and empire that is, or ever was. From Afghanistan's Amir Ahmad Shah to Zambia's President Kaunda, in ancient and modern times, they're here. Countries are listed alphabetically, and their rulers chronologically, with dates of birth, death, and tenure of office, plus facts about the country's origin, changes in the government, and circumstances of a defunct state's fall. A fascinating and fun assortment of facts and trivia that will delight scholars and amateurs alike.

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