The Secret Listeners: How the Y Service Intercepted the German Codes for Bletchley Park

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Aurum, 4 окт. 2012 г. - Всего страниц: 352
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Behind the celebrated code-breaking at Bletchley Park lies another secret…

The men and women of the ‘Y’ (for Wireless’) Service were sent out across the world to run listening stations from Gibraltar to Cairo, intercepting the German military’s encrypted messages for decoding back at the now-famous Bletchley Park mansion.

Such wartime postings were life-changing adventures – travel out by flying boat or Indian railways, snakes in filing cabinets and heat so intense the perspiration ran into your shoes - but many of the secret listeners found lifelong romance in their far-flung corner of the world. Now, drawing on dozens of interviews with surviving veterans, Sinclair McKay tells their remarkable story at last.


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The history of Bletchley Park and the code breaking successes of World War 2 are well known now. But very little has been told of the story of those that collected the intercepts from listening ... Читать весь отзыв

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This story deserves telling, but deserves a better author to do it. The writing is pretty poor but nonetheless it's worth wading through it for the experiences recounted. There's a bit of a ... Читать весь отзыв

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Reporting for Special Duties
The Human Computors
The Listeners at Large
The Blitz and the Ghost Voices
Heat Sand and Ashes
A World Wide Web of Intelligence
Feuds Farce and Panic
Rommel and the Art of Dirty Tricks
Not So Quiet on the Domestic Front
LifeLong Friendships Were Forged
By the Sleepy Lagoon
Foreboding and Frustration
Witnesses to Different Worlds
DDay and After
The End and the Beginning

Wilder Shores and Secret Missions
This is No Holiday Camp
Storms in the Desert
The Legacy of the Listeners
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SINCLAIR MCKAY is the acclaimed author of history and historical true crime including the best-selling The Secret Life of Bletchley Park. HIs previous Aurum titles include Mile End Murder, The Lost World of Bletchley Park, The Secret Life of Fighter Command and The Secret Listeners for Aurum, as well as histories of Hammer films and the James Bond films. He writes features for the Daily Telegraph and the Mail on Sunday and lives in London.

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