Wool. Hearings Before a Subcommittee on H.R. 5128, 6917, 9909 ... July 8, 9, 1937 and May 4, 6, 11, 1938

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1938 - Всего страниц: 280
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Стр. 45 - Act; and (2) to cooperate, on matters related to the purposes of this Act, with any department or agency of the Government ; with any State, Territory, or possession, or with the District of Columbia ; or with any department, agency, or political subdivision thereof ; or with any person.
Стр. 15 - interstate commerce" shall be construed to mean commerce between any State, Territory, or possession, or the District of Columbia, and any place outside thereof ; or between points within the same State, Territory, or possession, or the District of Columbia, but through any place outside thereof, or within any Territory or possession, or the District of Columbia.
Стр. 15 - DEFINITIONS Sec. 2. As used in this Act— (a) The term "person" means an individual, partnership, corporation, association, or any other form of business enterprise.
Стр. 15 - ... for any cause to the custody of the secretary of the treasury, when demanded, for the purpose of excluding them from the country, or for any other purpose, said consignee shall forfeit the full amount of the bond.
Стр. 45 - That upon the payment of the costs of such libel proceedings and the execution and delivery of a good and sufficient bond to the effect that such articles shall not be sold or otherwise disposed of contrary to the provisions of this Act, or the laws of any State, Territory, District, or insular possession, the court may by order direct that such articles be delivered to the owner thereof.
Стр. 122 - The fact that misrepresentation and misdescription have become so common in the knit underwear trade that most dealers no longer accept labels at their face value, does not prevent their use being an unfair method of competition. A method inherently unfair does not cease to be so because those competed against have become aware of the wrongful practice.
Стр. 15 - ... (b) After the President shall have approved any such code, the provisions of such code shall be the standards of fair competition for such trade or industry or subdivision thereof. Any violation of such standards in any transaction in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce shall be deemed an unfair method of competition in commerce within the meaning of the Federal Trade Commission Act...
Стр. 40 - In such matters, the public is entitled to get what it chooses, though the choice may be dictated by caprice or by fashion or perhaps by ignorance.
Стр. 45 - Act. the same shall be disposed of by destruction or sale, as the said court may direct, and the proceeds thereof, if sold, less the legal costs and charges, shall be paid into the Treasury of the United States...
Стр. 15 - ... for any cause to the Secretary of the Treasury when demanded for the purpose of excluding it from the country or for any other purpose, the consignee shall forfeit the full amount of the bond. (b) If, after proceeding in accordance with subdivision (a...

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