Thomas Young: Natural Philosopher 1773-1829

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Cambridge University Press, 18 нояб. 2011 г. - Всего страниц: 382
Originally published in 1954, this biography was the result of many years' labour by its author, Alexander Wood. At the time of Dr Wood's death, he had completed the first ten chapters and left notes for the remaining two, which were finished by Frank Oldham. The volume traces the life of the famous English natural philosopher Thomas Young (1773-1829) from his precocious childhood through his later career as a physician and his accomplishments in the study of optics and languages. As Mr Oldham notes in the preface, 'Young forms a fascinating subject in the field of biography, not only from his amazing scientific record and his wide classical learning combined with his remarkable depth of knowledge in philosophy, but also as a humanist working disinterestedly in the cause of truth.' The book is richly illustrated and contains a memoir of the late author by his acquaintance Professor Charles E. Raven.

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Medical Study in London and Edinburgh
Physician and Medical Author
Rival Claims of Young and Champollion
The Encyclopaedia Britannica 181725 2 56
Herculaneum and Languages
Standards of Length Young and the
Nautical Almanac and Board of Longitude
Events in Later Life
Article for the Encyclopaedia Britannica
Thomas Young as a Civil Servant
Index QNames
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