Observations on the Attempted Application of Pantheistic Principles to the Theory and Historic Criticism of the Gospel: Being the Christian Advocate's Publications for the Years 1840-1844

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Deighton, Bell, 1861 - Всего страниц: 367

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St Lukes Genealogy of our Lord is that of the Records at Bethlehem
The Record of tlie Brotlierhood of Jesus in the Gospels is in
St James the Brother of the Lord most eminent in Christian History
Our Lords committal of_His Mother to St John proves that James
Early Tradition of the Church of Palestine concerning St Jamess Brother
Distinction of St James the Just from the Apostles first found in the Pseudo
The earliest Patristic Notices of St James as a Son of Joseph
The later Eastern Church distinguishes the Son of Alphseus from the Lords
These alleged Developments of the Doctrine not confirmed by the fact
Consent of the Catholic Church on the Perpetual Virginity of St Mary
Strausss reply to the Rationalistic Objections
Historical Examination of the characters associated with our Lord in this
St Matthews narrative would be entirely accordant with History though
This silence however is not shared by all Gentile Writers
The jest of Augustus occasioned by a general massacre directed against
Celestial significations are not always superstitious 802
The ancient Religion of the Magi nearer to the true Light than most others 3 9
The Innocents blessed as unconscious Martyrs
Question whether the words of Micah denote a direct pr a remote origin from
Israel in Egypt termed Gods First Bom
Inadmissibility of the Opinion that Christ was to be called a Nazarite
A On Pantheism within the Church
On the Pantheism of the Hegelian Doctrine
F On a Talmudical Story about Jesu the Son of Pandera

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