The Aryan Household: Its Structure and Its Development, an Introduction to Comparative Jurisprudence

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G. Robertson, 1878 - Всего страниц: 494

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Стр. 215 - The village communities are little republics, having nearly everything that they want within themselves, and almost independent of any foreign relations. They seem to last where nothing else lasts. Dynasty after dynasty tumbles down : revolution succeeds to revolution; Hindu, Pathan, Moghul, Mahratta, Sikh, English are masters in turn ; but the village communities remain the same...
Стр. 23 - I can learn, no virtue in it. For none of your people has applied himself more diligently to the worship of our gods than I ; and yet there are many who receive greater favours from you, and are more preferred than I, and are more prosperous in all their undertakings.
Стр. 215 - Sikh, English, are all masters in turn ; but the village communities remain the same. In times of trouble they arm and fortify themselves : an hostile army passes through the country : the village communities collect their cattle within their walls, and let the enemy pass unprovoked.
Стр. i - THE ARYAN HOUSEHOLD : its Structure and its Development. An Introduction to Comparative Jurisprudence.
Стр. 77 - Among the Hindoos, the right to inherit a dead man's property is exactly co-extensive with the duty of performing his obsequies. If the rites are not properly performed or not performed by the proper person, no relation is considered as established between the deceased and anybody surviving him; the Law of Succession does not apply, and nobody can inherit the property.
Стр. 299 - Not only have these robber tribes received bands of recruits during such periods of confusion, so common in Indian history, but there goes on a steady enlistment of individuals or families whom a variety of accidents or offences, public opinion or private feuds, drives out of the pale of settled life, and beyond their orthodox circles. Upon this dissolute collection of masterless men the idea of kinship begins immediately to operate afresh, and to rearrange them systematically into groups. Each new...
Стр. 256 - Of all the vulgar modes of escaping from the consideration of the effect of social and moral influences in the human mind, the most vulgar is that of attributing the diversities of conduct and character to inherent natural differences.
Стр. 215 - ... within their walls, and let the enemy pass unprovoked. If plunder and devastation be directed against themselves, and the force employed be irresistible, they flee to friendly villages at a distance ; but when the storm has passed over, they return and resume their occupations. If a country remain for a series of years the scene of continued pillage and massacre, so that the village cannot be inhabited, the scattered villagers nevertheless return whenever the power of peaceable possession revives...
Стр. 215 - The sons will take the places of their fathers ; the same site for the village, the same position for the houses, the same lands will be reoccupied by the descendants of those who were driven out when the village was depopulated ; and it is not a trifling matter that will drive them out, for they will often maintain their post through times of disturbance and convulsion, and acquire strength sufficient to resist pillage and oppression with success.
Стр. 78 - That son alone, by whose birth he discharges ' his debt, and through whom he attains immortality, ' was begotten from a sense of duty : all the rest ' are considered by the wise as begotten from love 4 of pleasure.

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