The course of time: a poem

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B.B. Mussey, 1828 - Всего страниц: 286

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Стр. 143 - His brothers, younger brothers, whom he scarce As equals deemed. All passions of all men. The wild and tame, the gentle and severe; All thoughts, all maxims, sacred and profane; All creeds, all seasons, time, eternity; All that was...
Стр. 244 - Appeared inuumerous the risen dead. Each particle of dust was claimed : the turf, For ages trod beneath the careless foot Of men, rose, organized in human form...
Стр. 295 - He was a man Who stole the livery of the court of heaven, To serve the devil in...
Стр. 118 - A dreadful beast, and terrible, and strong Exceedingly, with mighty iron teeth ; And, lo, it brake in pieces, and devoured, And stamped the residue beneath its feet ! . True liberty was Christian, sanctified, ;; Baptized, and found in Christian hearts alone; First-born of Virtue, daughter of the skies, Nursling of truth divine, sister of all The graces, meekness,. holiness, and love; Giving to God, and man, and all below, That symptom showed of sensible existence, Their due...
Стр. 299 - Was hlack as death, his legs were faint with haste To propagate the lie his soul, had framed, His pillow was the peace of families Destroyed, the sigh of innocence reproached, Broken friendships, and the strife of brotherhoods...
Стр. 92 - ... meekly forth, And with her virgin Stars walked in the heavens, Walked nightly there, conversing as she walked, Of purity, and holiness, and God. In dreams and visions, sleep instructed much. Day uttered speech to day, and night to night Taught knowledge. Silence had a tongue ; the grave, The darkness, and the lonely waste, had each A tongue, that ever said, Man! think of God! Think of thyself ! think of eternity ! Fear God, the thunders said, Fear God, the waves.
Стр. 228 - And gave us robes of linen pure, and crowns Of life, and made us kings and priests to God. Shout back to ancient Time ! Sing loud, and wave Your palms of triumph ! sing, Where is thy sting, O Death ! where is thy victory, O Grave ! Thanks be to God, eternal thanks, who gave Us victory through Jesus Christ, our Lord.
Стр. 146 - Attempt how monstrous ! and how surely vain ! With things of earthly sort, with aught but God, With aught but moral excellence, truth and love, To satisfy and fill the immortal soul ! Attempt, vain inconceivably ! attempt, To satisfy the ocean with a drop ; To marry Immortality to Death ; And with the unsubstantial Shade of Time, To fill the embrace of all Eternity ! THE COURSE OF TIME.
Стр. 144 - And seemed to mock the ruin he had wrought. As some fierce comet of tremendous size, To which the stars did reverence as it passed, So he, through learning and through fancy, took His flight sublime, and on the loftiest top Of fame's dread mountain sat ; not soiled and worn, As if he from the earth had laboured up, But as some bird of heavenly plumage fair He looked, which down from higher regions came, And perched it there, to see what lay beneath.
Стр. 290 - Loved by a father and a mother's love, In rural peace she lived, so fair, so light Of heart, so good, and young, that reason, scarce, The eye could credit, but would doubt, as she Did stoop to pull the lily or the rose From morning's dew, if it reality Of flesh and Wood, or holy vision, saw, In imagery of perfect womanhood.

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