Perilous Power: The Middle East & U.S. Foreign Policy : Dialogues on Terror, Democracy, War, and Justice

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Paradigm Publishers, 2009 - Всего страниц: 319
Preface p. vii 1 Terrorism and Conspiracies p. 1 Defining Terrorism p. 1 The Terrorist Threat p. 6 Responding to Terrorism p. 10 9/11 Conspiracies p. 12 Saddam Hussein's Invasion of Kuwait p. 17 2 Fundamentalism and Democracy p. 27 Fundamentalism p. 27 The Saudi Kingdom p. 35 Democracy in the Middle East p. 39 Fundamentalism and Democracy p. 46 Democracy Since the Iraq Invasion p. 51 3 Sources of U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East p. 53 Oil p. 53 Israel, the Israel Lobby, and U.S. Policy p. 60 Israel and U.S. Interests p. 65 4 Wars in the "Greater Middle East" p. 71 Afghanistan p. 71 Responding to 9/11 p. 75 Afghanistan Today p. 79 The United States and Iraq, 2003 p. 83 Other Major Powers and Iraq p. 90 The Current Situation in Iraq p. 95 The Iraqi Insurgency p. 103 U.S. Policy in Iraq Today p. 110 What Should the Antiwar Movement Be Calling For? p. 115 Will Withdrawal Lead to Civil War? p. 118 The Kurds in Iraq p. 120 The Kurds in Turkey p. 123 Secession, Self-Determination, and Justice p. 128 Syria p. 131 Iran p. 136 5 The Israel-Palestine Conflict p. 143 The Legitimacy of Israel p. 143 Palestinian Say in Any Settlement p. 148 Going from a Settlement to Lasting Peace p. 157 Palestinians Within Israel p. 158 Mizrahim p. 162 The Palestinian Refugees p. 163 Efforts to Achieve Peace p. 166 The Palestinian View of a Settlement p. 176 Zionism and the Palestinians p. 179 Israeli Politics p. 184 Palestinian Politics p. 188 How Can We Support Justice in Israel/Palestine? p. 191 Boycotts, Divestment, and Other Tactics p. 195 Anti-Semitism p. 199 Anti-Semitism in Western Europe p. 204 Anti-Arab Racism and Islamophobia p. 211 Epilogue p. 215 The Situation in Iraq p. 215 Hamas in Power p. 221 The Israel-Hezbollah-Lebanon Conflict p. 225 The Israel Lobby p. 229 The United States and Iran p. 230 Hezbollah p. 235 Confrontation with Hamas and Hezbollah p. 237 Notes p. 243 Index p. 267.

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Terrorism and Conspiracies I
Fundamentalism and Democracy
Sources of U S Foreign Policy in the Middle East
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Gilbert Achcar, who lived in Lebanon for many years before moving to France, now teaches politics and international relations at the University of Paris. He is the author of several books on contemporary politics and is a frequent contributor to Le Monde Diplomatique. Stephen R. Shalom, author of the Preface, is a professor at William Paterson University. Noam Chomsky, Professor of Linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is the author recently of Hopes and Prospects (2010) and Power and Terror (Paradigm 2011). His articles and books revolutionized the contemporary study of linguistics and his political writings are widely read and translated throughout the world. In 2003 a profile of Chomsky in the New Yorker described his influence as one of the most cited scholars in history.

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