Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2002

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John Gillingham
Boydell Press, 2003 - Всего страниц: 238
The Battle Conference celebrated its quarter-centenary in 2002 in Glasgow, and this volume, while ranging from Norman Sicily to Scandinavia, has a particular focus on Scottish themes. There are six papers on aspects of Scottish history from the eleventh to the early thirteenth century: on kings and their followers, on the building of burghs, and on the border abbey churches. Charters (Norman, Anglo-Norman and Scottish) represent another focus. In addition to papers discussing problems of authenticity and the implications of forgery, several others use charter evidence to shed new light on royal and aristocratic values and on critical periods in the history of William the Conqueror and the Marshal earls. Three papers take a comparative look at past and present interpretations of law and law codes in England, Scotland and Scandinavia; two investigate contemporary historians' perceptions of the Jews and Byzantium.Contributors: MICHAEL ANGOLD, G.W.S. BARROW, DAVID BATES, DAUVIT BROUN, JULIA CRICK, A.A.M. DUNCAN, RICHARD FAWCETT, J0HN HUDSON, MICHAEL H. GELTING, MICHAEL KENNEDY, RICHARD MORTIMER, BRUCE O'BRIEN, DANIEL POWER, NIGEL WEBB.

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the Norman Historians
Companions of the Atheling
of Scots 11951222
St Albans Westminster and Some TwelfthCentury Views of the
The Architectural Context of the Border Abbey Churches in the Twelfth and
Predatory Kinship Revisited
Faith in the one God flowed over you from the Jews the sons of the patriarchs
a Diplomatic Approach
The Instituta Cnuti and the Translation of English Law
The French Interests of the Marshal Earls of Striguil and Pembroke
the Establishment of an Aristocracy in Scotland
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