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Pietro Bembo (1470-1547), a Venetian nobleman, later a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, was the most celebrated Latin stylist of his day and was widely admired for his writings in Italian as well. His early dialogue on the subject of love greatly influenced the development of the literary vernacular, as did his Prose della volgar lingua (1525). From 1513 to 1521 he served Pope Leo X as Latin secretary and became known as the leading advocate of Ciceronian Latin in Europe and of the Tuscan dialect within Italy. He was named official historian of Venice in 1529 and began to compose in Latin his continuation of the city's history in twelve books, covering the years from 1487 to 1513. Although the work chronicles internal politics and events, much of it is devoted to the external affairs of Venice, principally conflicts with other European states (France, Spain, the Holy Roman Empire, Milan, and the papacy) and with the Turks in the East. The History of Venice was published after Bembo's death, in Latin and in his own Italian version. This edition, in a projected three volumes, makes it available for the first time in English translation.


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Causes of the Neapolitanshatred for the French 2
Great floods in Lombardy certain trials held in Venice 5
Grain storerooms built at Venice near St Marks Square
fortunes of the French and Ferrandino in the Kingdom of Naples 21
from Naples and his death his son Ferrandino succeeds to the kingship
Maria da Sanseverino 12 The Germans leave Rovereto 14 Luca
turn Cyprus over to Venice 35 Laws passed and Senate decrees 42
exiles from the domain of Charles 60 Siege of Novara by the allies
Innocent VIII and the election of Alessandro Borgia alliance of the pope
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