Cyberfeminism. Next Protocols

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Claudia Reiche, Verena Kuni
Autonomedia, 1 янв. 2004 г. - Всего страниц: 336
Cyberfeminism: Next Protocols invents and documents with approaches coming from art, theory and activism a cyberfeminism which is dedicated to the wilderness of precise critique and experimental thinking. It opens with the following questions:* What are the everyday embodied conditions of women's lives as they are being altered by the new technologies and communications networks?* What are new forms of oppression and of liberation?* Has the digital medium - starting with the indecisiveness of the Turing test, and in its latest form when calculation-tasks have become autonomous data processing - taken the place of the subject?* Can you tell: Where do you or the machine 'end'?From this starting point develops a multifaceted, very complex critique and analysis of the many intersections of power, gender, and technology in the digital age.

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Claudia Reiche (Hamburg) media theorist, artist, curator. Her work focuses on (cyber)feminist approaches to the question of how man/machine relations are designed with words and images.

Verena Kuni (D, Frankfurt/M) art historian and media theorist (M.A.). Currently working as assistant at the Department of Art History at the University of Trier, where she is also coordinator for the interdisciplinary and intercultural Gender Studies Programme, and is working for the project at HfG Offenbach and the Centre for Gender Studies in the Arts at the HfMDK Frankfurt/M.

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