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T. & A.D. Poyser, 1994 - Всего страниц: 313
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The hedgehog has long been a popular and familiar animal, both in its appearance in suburban country gardens and as an endearing character in folk tales and children's books. As a consequence, there have been many popular books on the hedgehog, but none which really open the readers eyes to the 13 or more species outside of Europe. In this book, the author provides a guide to the worlds hedgehogs in general and also treats the European species in greater detail than ever before, with close attention to results of the latest research. Coverage includes all aspects of behavior and ecology, including their extraordinary defensive adaptions, feeding, breeding, and hibernation. The study and care of hedgehogs in the garden also is presented. A useful appendix provides the basics of hedgehog care and treatment, and will be invaluable to veterinarians working with sick animals. Nigel Reeve has studied hedgehogs for many years and provides the answer to every hedgehog question that can currently be answered. Ruth Lindsay's delightful line drawings and 20 color photographs embellish the text.

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An Introduction to Hedgehogs
Some Features of Hedgehogs
Diet and Feeding
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