Predatory Dinosaurs of the World: A Complete Illustrated Guide

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Simon & Schuster, 1988 - Всего страниц: 464
Provides a species-by-species catalog of predatory dinosaurs known to have existed.

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LifeStyles of the Big and Powerful and the Small
A History of Predatory Dinosaur Success and Failure
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Gregory S. Paul is a leading dinosaur illustrator and researcher who helped establish the "new look" of the Mesozoic creatures seen in contemporary documentaries and movies, including "Jurassic Park," for which he served as a consultant. His books include "Predatory Dinosaurs of the World" (Simon & Schuster), "The Scientific American Book of Dinosaurs" (St. Martin's), and "Dinosaurs of the Air." His work has also appeared in "Scientific American," " Nature," the "New York Times," and many other publications.

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