Movies, Rock & Roll, Freud: Essays on Film and Music

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Ori Academic Press, 20 сент. 2021 г. - Всего страниц: 210
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"MOVIES, ROCK & ROLL, FREUD: ESSAYS ON FILM AND MUSIC" by Ken Fuchsman collects essays on Freud, films, and popular music. It captures and analyzes the wonder, perplexity, and significance from examples of these engaging art forms from psychological and historical perspectives.

Ken Fuchsman, covers subjects as far ranging as Sigmund Freud's development of the idea of the Oedipus complex, director John Ford's - failed - collaboration with John Paul Sartre on a film script, the movie Chinatown, the history of rock and roll, and Stephen Spielberg. If his approach is probing, his voice is humanely philosophical. He insists these are all subjects he loves: the pieces have "grown out my love for music and movies, my long immersion in Freud. Also ... Montaigne's finding that as humans we are double-sided creatures who do not believe what we believe and cannot rid ourselves of what we condemn."

A psychologically oriented academic, Ken Fuchsman has found a patient to analyze, and that patient happens to be "modern pop culture." Fuchsman has the audacity and unique skill to put modern pop culture on the couch and along with his many other insights, you will never listen to a pop song from the 60's the same way again.

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Ken Fuchsman taught history, interdisciplinary studies, and administered an undergraduate degree program of 1200 students at the University of Connecticut. His articles connecting Freud's theories with his life have appeared in academic journals in Great Britain and the United States. He has reviewed film in peer reviewed publications, and hosted radio shows on the history of rock-and-roll and jazz for six years. Dr. Fuchsman was President of the International Psychohistorical Association from 2016 to 2020. His co-edited book, Psychoanalytic and Historical Perspectives on the Leadership of Donald Trump was published by Routledge in 2020. The same publisher in 2021 released Healing, Rebirth, and the Work of Michael Eigen, a collection of articles he co-edited. At University of Connecticut, he designed and taught a course on the "Nature of Being Human" and is working on turning his course, lectures, and further research on the topic into a book.

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