A New Era: India-Russia Ties In The 21st Century

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The publication takes a critical look at the current state of the partnership between Russia and India, and considers avenues for future development. Additionally, the publication aims to inform the new Indian leadership of the value of the country’s partnership with Russia, and the key role this partnership can play in developing India’s strategic prospects. The articles in the book are united by a single theme: the mutual benefits to both Russia and India of the bilateral relationship and ways to use the relationship as a driving force for reform in the global community. Prominent experts from both Russia and India analyze specific areas of the bilateral relationship, identify problems and make recommendations for new and promising areas of cooperation. We hope that this book will enhance your understanding of the most important trends and opportunities in the India-Russia relationship.


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Bringing changes to global financial governance
Core areas of cooperation
Removing barriers and accelerating trade
Enhancing transport connectivity
Finding convergence in science and technology
Building bridges and breaking stereotypes
Theses on RussiaIndia relations
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