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Стр. 225 - Now forging scrolls, now foremost in the fight, Not quite a felon, yet but half a knight, The gibbet or the field prepared to grace ; A mighty mixture of the great and base.
Стр. 247 - She gaed wi' dole and sorrow, And in the den spied ten slain men, » On the dowie banks of Yarrow. She kissed his cheek, she kaim'd his hair, She searched his wounds all thorough, She kiss'd them, till her lips grew red, On the dowie houms of Yarrow. w " Now haud your tongue, my daughter dear ! For a' this breeds but sorrow ; I'll wed ye to a better lord, Than him ye lost on Yarrow.
Стр. 80 - Scotland's fight. Then fell that spotless banner white, The Howard's lion fell; Yet still Lord Marmion's falcon flew With wavering flight, while fiercer grew Around the battle-yell. The Border slogan rent the sky! A Home! a Gordon!
Стр. 247 - O stay at hame, my noble lord ! " O stay at hame, my marrow! '' My cruel brother will you betray " On the dowie houms of Yarrow." " O fare ye weel, my ladye gaye ! " O fare ye weel, my Sarah ! " For I maun gae, though I ne'er return,
Стр. 247 - For a' this breeds but sorrow ; " I'll wed ye to a better lord, " Than him ye lost on Yarrow." " O haud your tongue, my father dear ! " Ye mind me but of sorrow ; " A fairer rose did never bloom " Than now lies cropp'd on Yarrow.
Стр. 247 - For I maun gae, though I ne'er return " Frae the dowie banks o' Yarrow. She kiss'd his cheek, she kaim'd his hair, As oft she had done before, O ; She belted him with his noble brand, And he's away to Yarrow. As he gaed up the Tennies bank, I wot he gaed wi' sorrow, Till, down in a den, he spied nine arm'd men, On the dowie houms of Yarrow.
Стр. 199 - Know ye, that I, Sir Archibald Naper, of Merchiston, in the Kingdom of Scotland, Knt. Deputy Treasurer, and one of His Majesty's Privy Council there, for as much as my entirely beloved kinsman, Sir Robert Naper, of Luton Hoo, in the county of Bedford, Knt. and Baronet, being desirous to be informed of his pedigree and descent from my house, I have, to satisfy his lawful and laudable request, herein declared the truth thereof, and the original of our name, as by tradition from father to son, we have...
Стр. 113 - With all due deference to the author of the case,* I am now satisfied there is no foundation for his territorial principle. It certainly does not now exist, and no man living can say when it did. It clearly must have ceased before 1214, when lands came in commercio, and adjudication went against them.
Стр. 238 - Fy, let us a' to the bridal, For there will be lilting there ; For Jock's to be married to Maggie, The lass wi
Стр. 228 - On the death of his grandfather, sir Robert Scott, of Thirlstone, his father, having no means to bring up his children, put this Walter to attend cattle in the field;

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