Political Symbols in Russian History: Church, State, and the Quest for Order and Justice

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Lexington Books, 22 февр. 2010 г. - Всего страниц: 197
"This is a learned and cogent exploration of Russian theological and political order from its Kievan roots into the early twenty-first century. It utilizes the primary sources in an energetic way and grounds the core of its theoretical analysis in the philosophy of Eric Voegelin. The argument is complex yet lucid and illuminating at every turn. Lee Trepanier's book will be of great interest to all students of Russian history, church-state relations, literature, theology, and politics. Warmly recommended."---Ellis Sandoz, Louisiana State University

"Despite the best efforts of the country's leading political figures, social institutions, and intellectuals, Russia has yet to develop a coherent set of political values and symbols around which its society can congeal. In this book, Lee Trepanier does the field a great service by applying Eric Voegelin's thought to the question of how this process has evolved historically and why it has failed so miserably."---Christopher Marsh, director, J. M. Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies, Baylor University

Political Symbols in Russian History is one of the few works that presents an analytical and comprehensive account of Russian history and politics between the years 988 and 2005. From Kievan Rus to Putin's Russia, this book traces the development, evolution, and impact that political symbols have had on Russian society. By using Eric Voegelin's "new science of politics" as the human search for order and justice, Lee Trepanier provides a fresh and unique approach to the studies of political culture and civil society. For those interested in Russian politics and intellectual history, Political Symbols in Russian History offers the most up-to-date scholarship on such political symbols and social institutions as the Russian Orthodox Church and the national government. This book presents an innovative approach to understanding symbols in the search for order and justice in Russian histor.

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Introduction Political Symbols Cultureand Civil Society
Ch01 Kievan Rusca 860ca 1240
Ch02 Muscovite Russiaca 1240ca 1505
Ch03 Church and State Ideologiesca 1505ca 1613
Ch04 Derailment ofOrder and Justiceca 1613ca 1676
Ch05 State Secularization andChurch Subordinationca 1676ca 1917
Ch06 Secular Symbolizationca 1700ca 1917
Ch07 Secular Messianismca 1917ca 1991
Ch08 Competition forOrder and Justiceca 1991ca 2005
The Search forOrder and Justice
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Lee Trepanier is assistant professor of political science at Saginaw Valley State University.

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