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" The strange music of the waves Beating on these hollow caves, This black den which rocks emboss, Overgrown with eldest moss, The rude portals that give light More to terror than delight, This my chamber of neglect Walled about with disrespect, From all... "
Specimens of the Early English Poets: To which is Prefixed, an Historical ... - Стр. 90
авторы: George Ellis - 1845 - Страниц: 458
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Early Stuart Pastoral

Victoria University (Toronto, Ont.). Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies - 1999 - Страниц: 195
...give light, More to Terror than Delight; This my chamber of Neglect, Walled about with Disrespect; From all these, and this dull air, A fit object for...cherish thee for this. Poesy, thou sweet'st content' 'pleasure That e'er Heav'n to mortals lent: Though they as a trifle leave thee, Whose dull thoughts...
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