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" Methinks, of all, you should have been the example. Why should you stay here? with what thought, what promise ? Hear you; do you not know, I know you an ass, And that you would most fain have been a wittol If fortune would have let you? that you are A... "
Bell's British Theatre: Consisting of the Most Esteemed English Plays - Стр. 82
авторы: John Bell - 1780
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Five Plays

Ben Jonson - 1999 - Страниц: 603
...thought ? What promise ? 50 Hear you, do not you know, I know you an ass ? And that you would most fain have been a wittol, If fortune would have let...declared cuckold, on good terms ? This pearl, You'll say, was yours? Right: this diamond? 55 I'll not deny it, but thank you. Much here, else ? It may be...
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