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" He was of an advanced age, and I was only not a boy, yet he never received my notions with contempt. He was a whig, with all the virulence and malevolence of his party ; yet difference of opinion did not keep us apart. I honoured him and he endured me. "
The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D (1815)
авторы: Robert Anderson - 1974 - Страниц: 639
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Conversation: A History of a Declining Art

Stephen Miller - 2006 - Страниц: 336
...conversation he had greatly enjoyed, even though Walmsley was a Whig. "He was a Whig," Johnson says, "with all the virulence and malevolence of his party;...keep us apart. I honoured him, and he endured me." Johnson then reminisces about the conversations he had at Walmsley's house. "At this man's table I...
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