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" Is this the Flower of Liberty ? It is the banner of the free, The starry Flower of Liberty. In savage Nature's far abode Its tender seed our fathers sowed ; The storm-winds rocked its swelling bud, Its opening leaves were streaked with blood, Till lo... "
Songs in Many Keys - Стр. 279
авторы: Oliver Wendell Holmes - 1862 - Страниц: 308
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The Atlantic Monthly, Том 91

...battle blooms Ami solemn marches fill the nights." Now Holmes gathers a handful of starry petals, — " What flower is this that greets the morn, Its hues from heaven so freshly born ? " Dew- washed, we find it "where lonely sentries tread, " and touch its wreathing colors tenderly,...
Полный просмотр - Подробнее о книге

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