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Книги Книги 51 - 52 из 52 по запросу Forasmuch as the maintenance of good literature doth much tend to the advancement....
" Forasmuch as the maintenance of good literature doth much tend to the advancement of the weal and flourishing state of societies and republics, this Court doth therefore order, that in whatever township in this government, consisting of fifty families... "
History of the Town of Duxbury, Massachusetts: With Genealogical Registers - Стр. 72
авторы: Justin Winsor - 1849 - Страниц: 360
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University of Chicago School Review, Том 10

...and erected at Plymouth." In 1677 a law was passed "that in whatsoever township in this government consisting of fifty families or upwards any meet man shall be obtained to teach a grammar school," the town making a reasonable appropriation, "the profits arising from the Cape fisheries heretofore...
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A History Of The Town Of Duxbury, Massachusetts, with Genealogical Registers

Justin Winsor - 2013 - Страниц: 364
...Cooper, of Plymouth, to Geo. Partridge, of Duxbury, conveying to him " a negro man named Dick, aged about 23 years, of middling stature." Indians, who had been...immediate benefit thereof, with what others shall voluntarily give, shall make up the residue necessary to maintain the same, and that the- profits arising...
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