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" Stiria there was in old time a valley of the most surprising and luxuriant fertility. It was surrounded on all sides by steep and rocky mountains, rising into peaks which were always covered with snow, and from which a number of torrents descended in... "
Modern Business English: A Course in English on the "Learn to Express by ... - Стр. 71
авторы: Carrie Josephine Smith, Dexter Dwight Mayne - 1906 - Страниц: 256
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The Twelve Dancing Princesses, and Other Fairy Tales

1974 - Страниц: 319
...How the Agricultural System of the Blac\ Brothers Was Interfered With by South' west Wind, Esquire In a secluded and mountainous part of Styria there...by the people of the neighborhood the Golden River. It was strange that none of these streams fell into the valley itself. They all descended on the other...
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