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" Curse on him !" quoth false Sextus ; " Will not the villain drown ? But for this stay, ere close of day We should have sacked the town !" " Heaven help him !" quoth Lars Porsena, " And bring him safe to shore ; For such a gallant feat of arms Was never... "
The Living Age ... - Стр. 337
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Miscellaneous Essays and Lays of Ancient Rome

Thomas Babington Macaulay - 2005 - Страниц: 552
...spent with changing blows: And oft they thought him sinking, But still again he rose. i. xu. Never, I ween, did swimmer, In such an evil case, Struggle through such a raging flood Safe to the landing place : But his limbs were borne up bravely By the brave heart within, And our good father...
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