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" tis all I desire. Not that I think a woman the worse for being handsome; but, Sir, if you please to recollect, you before hinted something about a hump or two, one eye, and a few more graces of that kind. Now, without being very nice... "
The British Theatre; Or, A Collection of Plays: Which are Acted at the ... - Стр. 39
авторы: Mrs. Inchbald - 1808
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scenes from eighteenth century comedies

...eye, and a few more graces of that kind — now, without being very nice, I own I should rather choose a wife of mine to have the usual number of limbs,...as the prejudice has always run in favour of two, I would not wish to affect a singularity in that article. Sir Anth. What a phlegmatic sot it is ! Why,...
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Temple Bar, Том 129

...Jack Absolute's, who observed that " without being very nice," he would rather choose a wife "with the usual number of limbs, and a limited quantity of back!" and, though one eye might be very agreeable, yet as a prejudice had always run in favour of two, he should not wish to...
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