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“ Survey the globe, each ruder realm explore;

From Reason's faintest ray to NEWTON soar.
What different spheres to human bliss assign'd!
What slow gradations in the scale of mind!
Yet mark in each these mystic wonders wrought,
Oh, mark the sleepless energies of thought!"








14, Bartholomew Close.


At a time like the present, when Missionary operations are regarded with so much interest by some, and so scornfully derided by others, the Author of the following pages thought his Recollections of India might not be unacceptable to the former, and at the same time not altogether useless in removing the prejudices of the latter. If but one friend be gained to the Missionary cause by the publication of this volume, the Author will abundantly rejoice.

Another reason which induced him thus to appear before the public, was, that in the course of his residence in India he met with several striking illustrations of the sacred Scriptures, which he did not remember to have seen noticed in the works of others. Some of these have appeared in the New Baptist Miscellany; but the whole are embodied in these Recollections.

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Besides which, another motive powerfully operated in leading him to decide on the present attempt, viz. that whilst the Missionary Heralds, and other mediums of religious intelligence, fully record the success attendant on the labours of Missionaries in the East, and other parts of the world, yet very little generally is known of those details which respect social intercourse, and the every day occurrences of an Indian life.

To literary reputation the Author lays not an atom of claim. He is sensible of the defects under which he labours, and therefore throws himself upon the charity of the literary world.

To his kind friends who have patronised the work, he returns his grateful acknowledgments, and humbly hopes that those amongst them who have not hitherto seen it their duty to support the cause of Missions, will, by reading the following pages, be induced to aid in the praiseworthy effort of seeking to rescue so large a portion of the human family from degradation and woe.

Amersham, April 6, 1832.


Chap. I.–Arrival at Sand Heads-river Hooghley-va-

rious river craft and boatmen . . . . . . 1

CHAP. II.-Native costumes-auction rooms-borses-

destructive fires-ravages of white ants-palm trees-dange-

rous situation of a soldier-instinct of small red ants. . 16

CHAP. III.—State of religion in Calcutta-inattention to

the duties of the Sabbath-anecdotes -chaplains-Indo-Bri-
tons-Mr. Kyd's work-indolence to be lamented—its evils
-native female schools—Bishop Heber's mistake_Rev. D.

Schmid's letter-anecdotes. . . . . . .

Chap. IV.-Hindoo religion-castes-Brahmins .

CHAP. V.-Influence of caste on agriculture_various crops

-illustrations of Scripture-snakes-anecdotes, &c. . .

CHAP. VI.-Mussulmans—their mode of worship-moulah

and disciples—two Mogul merchants-native servants-

their number petty thefts-fawning manners--barefaced

lies—anecdotes--waiting at the gates-curious petition-

modes of building-illustrations of Scripture . . . 101

Chap. VII.-The Churruck Poojab-death of a devotee

processions-police magistrate--anecdote of a syce-origin

of the festival-anecdote of a Brahmin-great superstition-

suttees . . . . . . . . . . 118

CHAP. VIII._Ruth Jatra-car drawn--Mr. Stirling and

Dr. Buchanan-Juggernath's establishment-ironical poem

-tradition of the idol-affecting narrative. . . . 137

CHAP. IX.-Tuntra Shasters—Pran-Krishna Vishwasa-

doctrines and precepts of the sect . . . . 160

Chap. X.-Hindoo temples—sacred monkeys–Ramayuna

festival-monkeys thieving-anecdotes-monkey and pig-

attack on a dog-rob a boy-mode of catching them-mid-

night adventure surrounded by them-escape with difficulty

-offerings to them--peepul trees-banyan trees-Brahminy


. . . . . . . . . . 180

Chap. XI.-Mussulman enthusiasm Mohurrum Roman

Catholics—Mussulman burying grounds-Howrah and Cal-

cutta funerals—cholera morbus-ravages of small pox-me-

thod of inoculation . . . . . . . . 200

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