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The contentions and distinguishing words of fects and parties

are secluded, that whole assemblies might aslift at the har. mony, and different churches join in the same worship without offence.-WATTS' HYMNS, PREFACE, P. vii.

Nor have I confined my expressions to any particular party or

opinion; that in words, prepared for public worship, and for the lips of multitudes, there might not be a syllable of. fensive to sincere Christians, &c.- Watts’ PSALMS, PREFAce, p. xv.

Public prayers should be such as all christians can join in.

We are not in our prayers to strive to impose our own notions upon others, or to exclude any christians from joining in the addresses we present to God.- Public prayer should offer up common requests and praises, the upfeigned devotions of the assembly.-- How contrary to the christian and apostolical rule, to offer petitions, or to make declarations in prayer, to which a sincere christian cannot affent, or about which he has doubts and scruples ! LARDNER'S SERMONS, VOL. 11, p. 305.



ley. g. 376.

Explaining the obječt and nature of the work. .

THE object of this compilation was to furnish to families and churches a collection of devout hymns, sufficiently numerous and various, for the purposes of social worship, and at the same time, as far as could be, neither offenfive nor disgustful to any serious christian, in point either of doctrine, sentiment, or language To attain this end, every liberty has been taken of transposing, altering, retrenching, adding ; and the whole has been submitted to the censure of several of the compiler's friends, who have long wished for a selection of this kind, and whose knowledge, taste, and devotional turn of mind, qualified them to judge of the work and to improve it. It was meant that nothing, of whatever nature, should occur in the pieces which compose this little volume, to embarrass or interrupt the devotion of the worshipper ; and it is hoped they will be found capable both of expressing and promoting all the good affections in which the christian character confifts.


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