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HUMAN LIFE is made up of occasions. It soon passes away like a dream or vision of the night. But the occasions, of which it is composed, remain in connection with the history of the times in which they occurred.


The life of a clergyman, at the present day, is more than ordinarily associated with occasional services. It is no longer that still and quiet, retired and studious course, which it was in the days of our fathers. The multiplication of religious and benevolent associations increases the demand upon the time and labors of the minister of the gospel. But few, who sustain the sacred office, are excused from taking a part in these efforts, to plead the cause and to extend the influence of these institutions.

From a number of occasional productions, both printed and in manuscript, the author has made this selectionnot with a view of burdening the public with another book, but simply from a wish to gratify the desire that has been expressed by some personal friends, to preserve in a volume those productions, which are scattered in pamphlets and the periodicals of the day.

Dorchester, Oct. 1, 1834.


Delivered in Salem Street Church, Boston, at the Installation of

Rev. George W. Blagden. Nov. 3, 1830,



Delivered in Newbury, Mass., at the Ordination of the Rev. Leon-

ard Withington. Oct. 31, 1816,


Delivered at the Dedication of the Meeting House of the Trinita-

rian Church and Society in South Bridgewater, Mass., and the
Installation of their Pastor, Rev. Ebenezer Gay. Jan. 29, 1823,


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