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Preface. ALTHOUGH throughout this work the author has endeavoured to use the most simple practical illustrations of the laws of physics, and from natural objects, where God supplies what is suitable to the point, and the same course is as far as possible preserved here—yet, as the number of persons but ordinarily well grounded in astronomical facts are few, especially among the reduced circle of the Christian Church, who are mostly taken from the ignorant, simple, and poor,—such readers must not be hasty, and give up the enquiry against the sceptics of the age, merely because some parts of this work are outside their apprehension, and habits of thought.

Necessarily, I have to prove my positions on the well-known scientific data already acquired, and even persevere to correct, for the sake of truth, the oldest and greatest masters, where they were wrong. The course required for that, needed to be as strictly scientific, and in the line of the old school order as possible to me.

If therefore, the reader finds he arrives at passages referring to diagrams and figures he is not able to


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