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6 Bleft Shepherd, lead me on;

My Soul disdains to fear ;
Death's gloomy.Phantoms all are flown,

Now Life's great Lord is near.

The good Man's Propea.
Y Soul, triumphant in the LORD,

Shall tell its Joys abroad;
And march with holy Vigor on,

Supported by its God. 2 Thro' all the winding Maze of Life,

His Hand hath been my Guide, And in that long-experienc'd Care,

My Heart shall still confide.
3 His Gracė thro' all the Defart flows,

An unexhausted Stream :
That Grače on Zion's facred Mount

Shall be my endless Theme.
4 Beyond the choicest Joys of Earth

These distant Courts I love ; But O! I burn with strong Desire

To view thy House above. 5 Mingled with all the shining Band,

My Soul would there adore ; A Pillar in thy Temple fix’d,

To be remov'd no more.

PSALM XXIV. First Version. MERRICK. God's sovereign Dominion, and the Character of

acceptable Worshipper.



Submits, great, God, its wide Domain ; Whate'er this Orb's vaft Bounds confine,

By just Possession, Lord, is thine : 2 That Orb amid th’ wat’ry. Waste

Thy Hands, belt Architect, have plac'd,
And bid th' unfathomable Deep
Beneath its firm Foundation Neep.

5 Lord, who shall to thy Hill ascend ?

Who suppliant at thine Altars bend?
Whose Hands and Heart from Guilt are free,
Who ne'er to Idols bow'd the Knee ;
Nor, studious of Deceit, would try,
By Oaths to consecrate a Lie ;
On such th' Almighty from above

Shall heap the Blessings of his Love; 5 Such only form the chosen Choir,

Whose Feet, with licens'd Step, afpire
To vist Sion's bleft Abode ;

Who seek the Face of Jacob's God.
6 Lift, lift your Heads, each hallow'd Gate,

Aloft, with sudden Spring, your Weight,
Ye everlasting Portals, rear;

Behold the King of Glory near.
7 But who this King of Glory? say,

The God, whom Heav'n's high Hosts obey:
In him that King of Glory view,
And yield to him the Homage due.
PSALM XXIV. Second Version.

The Character of a Man approved of God.
HIS spacious Earth is all the Lord's,

The Lord's her Fulness is
The World, and they who dwell therein,

By sov’reign Right are his.
2 He fram'd and fix'd it on the Seas,

And his almighty Hand
Upon inconitant Floods has made

The stable Fabric ftand.
3 But for himself this Lord of all,

One chosen Seat design'd;
O who shall to that facred Hill

Desir'd Admittance find?
The Man whose Hands and Heart are pure,

Whose Thoughts from Pride are free;
Who honeft Poverty prefers

To gainful Perjury.


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This, this is he, on whom the Lord,

Shall show'r his Blessings down,
Whom God his Saviour Thall vouchsafe

With Righteousness to crown.
6 Such is the Race of Saints, by whom

The sacred Courts are trod;
And such who seek acceptably

The Face of Jacob's God.


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PSALM XXIV. Third Version. Watts.

Dwelling with God,
i HE Earth for ever is the Lord's

With Adam's num'rous Race;
He rais'd its Arches on the Floods,

And built it on the Seas.
2 But who among the Sons of Men

May visit thine Abode ?
He who has Hands from Mischief clean,

Whose Heart is right with God. 3 This is the Man may rise and take

The Blessings of his Grace; This is the Lot of those who seek

The God of Jacob's Face.
4 Now let our Souls immortal Pow'rs

To meet the Lord prepare,

their everlasting Doors,
The King of Glory's near.
The King of Glory! Who can tell

The Wonders of his Might?
He rules the Nations ; but to dwell

With Saints is his Delight.

PSALM XXIV. Fourth Version. First Part. WATTS.


Saints dwell in Heaven.
HIS spacious Earth is all the Lord's,

And Men and Worms, and Beafts and Birds :
He rais’d the Building on the Seas,
And gave it for their Dwelling-Place.


PSALM XXV. First Version. First Part. MERRICK,
Whose Beams from earliest -Age have shin'd,
Th’ Offences of my Youth conceal.

A Prayer for Direction and Pardon.


2 But there's a brighter World on high,

Thy Palace, Lord, above the Sky :
Who shall afcend that bleft Abode,
And dwell so near his Maker God?
He who abhors and fears to sin,
Whose Heart is pure, whose Hands are clean,
Him shall the Lord the Saviour bless,
And fill his Soul with Righteousness.
These are the Men, the pious Race
Who seek the God of Jacob's Face :
These shall enjoy the blissful Sight,
And dwell in everlasting Light.
PSALM XXIV. Fourth Version. Second Part.

Christ's Ascension.
EJOICE, ye shining Worlds on high,

Behold the King of Glory nigh;
Who can this King of Glory be?

The mighty Lord, the Saviour's he.
2 Ye heav'nly Gates, your Leaves display

To make the Lord the Saviour Way:
Laden with Spoils from Earth and Hell

comes with God to dwell.
13 Rais'd from the Dead he goes before,

Heav'n's eternal Door,
To give his Saints a bleft Abode
Near their Redeemer, and their God.

The Conqu’ror





OD of my Health, from Morn to Eve

In thee my Hopes have learn’d to lives
O lead me in thy Truth, and store

My Heart with thy celeftial Lore.
2 Thy Mercy, Lord, recall to Mind,


And let Oblivion's thickest Veil

3 Thy


3 Thy wonted Pity, Lord, impart,

While in the Anguilh of my Heart
The Burthen of my Guilt I own,

And humbled bow before thy Throne.
4 Good, Lord, and just art thou; thy Love

Returning Sinners joy to prove,
And led by thy auspicious Ray

Correct the Error of their Way.
In thee shall each of humble Mind
The Friend and sure Instructor find,
With Joy thy equal Paths Mall tread,

By Mercy and by Truth outspread.
PSALM XXV. First Version. Second Part. MERRICK.

God the Guide of the Meek and Humble.
Othee, great God, my Soul shall rise ;

On thee my stedfast Mind relies ;
Thy Paths, blest Source of Light, display,
+ And teach my doubting Steps thy Way.
2 Ye Souls that to his Fear incline,
Secure to God your Steps resign,
And learn from his directing Hand
What Path


your Choice demand,
3 How bleft, thy Precepts, Lord, who knows!

As o'er Life's Pilgrimage he goes,
See Peace and Safety nightly spread

Their Tent around his favor'd Head : 4 See, rang'd in fair Descent, his Line

The Lot which thy Decrees aflign
Divide, and, long as Time shall last,

The Blessings of thy Bounty talte. 5. Who bow to thee th' attentive Ear,

The Secrets of thy Will shall hear;
Thy Cov’nant, Lord, to such reveal'd,
Shall Light and heav'nly Transport yield.
PSALM XXV. Second Version. TATE.

God the Guide of his Servants.
HOE’ER, with humble Fear,

To God his Duty pays,
Shall find the Lord a faithful Guide

į all his righteous Ways.


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